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YDS is professional dc to dc converters manufacturers in Taiwan and manufactures a series of dc/dc converters. YDS DC/DC Converters from 0.25Watt to 100Watt, the dimensions from 11.5 x 6.0 x 10.0mm to 76.7 x 66.5 x 21.5mm, a variety of product series, offering customers multiple selections.


Complete Product Warranty and Technical Supports For DC/DC Converters
YDS' R & D team has independent design ability. So we can accept customers' special customized products requirement, customer receive product warranty and full technical supports also from YDS.


•High efficiency DC converter module products
•The converter efficiency is up to 90% or more
•Able to meet green energy era requirement


In recent years, with high performance requirements for power supply, YDS has developed a series of high efficiency DC converter module products based on the mainstream of switching power technology, the efficiency is up to 90% or more, it also able to meet green energy era requirement. In addition to high efficiency switching DC power supplies, YDS also offers competitive & traditional linear DC power supply products to satisfy the different market demands.


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